Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Blogging Plans

I have been writing up for a book project of mine for a few months now. I do that on and off, following my mood and my need to fix my ideas on paper, and I have got about 200 pages of structure and raw material.

I started blogging to be able to compare papers with other people from the community that I am watching. What community? Well, it is an implicit community. It is there, because I see it, and because many of these people know one another's work. Yet it doesn't exist as a single place and it keeps changing all the time. That's why I call it an implicit community.

I have been watching this community for a while, and in the writings of these people I have found many of the same ideas that I was putting on paper. Very often I found out points of view that I had never considered, and I had to go back to my notes, evaluate the impact on my work and the factor in this new knowledge.

After a long time of timid wall-papering I finally took the step of signing up for a blog, and I now want to start writing up some of those notes, hoping that the idea of a potential public will help me to focus thoughts and developments in a productive way.

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