Monday, September 24, 2007

Getting Autotest to work on Windows for Ruby projects

This seems blogworthy, as I have spent much longer than I wanted to find a solution.

I was trying to run autotest - of the zentest package - on a ruby project on windows, but autotest didn't seem to be able to pick up changes to my files.

I will not pretend to have understood exactly what made it work for me, but these are things that I did and that might have helped.

Setting the HOME variable:

set HOME="c:\Documents and Settings\my_username_here"

moving my project files into a lib directory and my test files into a test directory:


going to the project directory and running autotest:

cd myproject
autotest -v

This should work. Every time I save a test file or a lib file, autotest picks up the changes and runs the tests.

thanks to Philippe Hanrigou for pointing out the right heuristics!

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