Thursday, November 03, 2005

Liquid Materials

Some materials are more flexible than others. Flexible, dynamic materials make a medium.

The Web is a medium. Wiki is a medium. As strange as it may sound, Excel is often a medium.

The whole concept of Mashup and Web2.0 is a new medium in itself, allowing to build things from it. A Mashup, as far as I understood it, is an "application" that uses existing services and information from the web, collating them into a new knot of active executable knowledge, not originally present in any of its parts.

YubNub is another example of emerging medium. YubNub concept is so simple and powerful that its implications take your breath away. YubNub is about building a command line to the Web. On the Web. This is a medium bootstrapping itself to new heights!

Envision the level of integration you could achieve when a tool like YubNub and web applications (and services) start moving in step, striving to achieve reciprocal leverage.. this is a whole new world of knowledge at your fingertips, embeddable into smart servants and enhanceable via human interaction.

HI Chiaroscuro - Thanks for the YubNub mention. Love your enthusiasm!
Thanks to you Jonathan. Please keep working hard on your paradigm shift :-)
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