Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ruby for Javists Presentation

I am scheduled to give a 40mins presentation on Ruby to a group of javists (both standard edition and enterprise guys :-)

Do you have any advice on how to present it and what to show them?

I am not going to do the Ruby is Better than Java number, since that would feel offensive, but I would like to make them want to have a taste of ruby... I would like them to leave with a desire to explore new things.

Any advice is well appreciated!

Nice catch! As a guideline, I would suggest you to take a look at Jim Weirich's presentation on "10 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know About Ruby":
Very Nice, thanks for the pointer.

If you had to show your public 2 or 3 micro apps/demos that look ubercool in Ruby and clumsy in Java, what would you pick?
my two dimes for what's worthy... why not something which involves some AJAX/AOP to present sexy features. These samples could be developed with poor effort for a demo while being meaningful and appropriate....
I don't do AJAX or Rails, but AOP could be a winner. Just showing some quick and easy metaprogramming en passant could be quite impressive.
Agree. That was exactly the feature thad impressed me the most. any idea yet? Maybe some loggin' strategy could get the job done quickly and dirty,
you convinced me with the AOP, but the logging is a let down ;-)

I need something more on the kick-ass side.. what about auto-streaming to an xml file of existing objects?
You mean something like AOP and continuation?
I'll admit it.. I am not too strong on continuations.

I was thinking to just include a Mixin that gives special powers to a class, or to 'tag' methods to add behaviour to them.
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