Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Perceptual Stances: Start Small

I am interested in the tricks and hacks that we can use to somehow 'mechanically' steer and control our perception.  

Presentation Formats are one way to do this, forcing you to express some content within an artificially imposed presentation frame.  The unusual 'shape' of the container can force you to reshape the content and discover some previously hidden properties.

Perceptual Stances (Thinking Formats?) do the same thing by forcing us to focus only on certain aspects of our subject matter.  Business Pundit wrote an interesting post that points out how you can unleash your creativity and get started by focusing on small thing rather than on grand theories and stereotypical thinking.

It strikes me that some of the examples he uses seem almost related to techniques I found in Drawing On The Right Side of Your Brain: Drawing Negative Spaces and Semantic-Neutral Drawing.  These are not the names the author would have used, but if you are interested I can expand on them.

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