Monday, December 19, 2005

The Social Evolution of Software

Today I came across CodeTree.

Can digital artists learn new techniques, be exposed to new coding structures, and better express themselves by working in tandem or in a group?

CodeTree is an attempt to create a worthwhile dialogue between new media artists of different skill levels and backgrounds. The project's objective is to offer a social network that facilitates learning and artistic expression—a place where coders can dissect, share, and expand upon one another's code.

The site is nice, but what really hits me is the possibility of creating some kind of 'live' repository for code.
Ok, I know we have sourceforge, rubyforge and all those other forges and they do have forums and tools to comment on dovelopers, but I'm thinking about something different.  Smaller piecies of code for a start.  Nuggets of code that can be understood at a glance and modified with a quick brush on the keyboard. Think Java Almanac.

I would like these piecies of code to be tracked during their evolution, and to be able to follow the personal history of their contributors too.  I would like to comment on them via a wiki-like interaction.  I would love to use them via intellisense in my code. 

I want to be able to sketch my intent and as soon as my 'Intentisense' picks up interesting keywords, somethink looking a bit like Google Suggest.  If I do my own modifications I would then like to upload them directly to my Noosaurus, my shared executable knowledge thesaurus.. for other people to see and modify and rate and rank and tag.

Coding like tagging like blogging... I feel this can have huge potential.

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